A Tradition of Innovation

Technology at the service of excellent workmanship

For Junic, a tradition of quality and innovation has been a part of the company’s very essence since its founding. Thanks to Condoteck, Junic’s unique construction process developed in 2005, its customers benefit from avant-garde technology with unparalleled advantages. The Condoteck technology ensures superior soundproofing as well as increased durability of construction infrastructure and finishing.

Junic also stands out as a pioneer in the field through its unique and centrally located Sales / Rental Pavilion where the entire portfolio of Junic projects and company services are on display and available, as well as their entire team of professionals, ready to advise and support you through every step. Whatever your needs, you have access to our entire array of services under one roof, whether for the purchase of a property, renting a commercial space, property management, the resale of your home, and more.