Property management

Strengthened by an established presence in the Outaouais region of many years, Junic has developed a division entirely dedicated to the management of Junic-built properties.

Transparent, Efficient, and Trustworthy Real Estate Management


Junic Property Management Inc. offers complete, rigorous, and efficient administration of company-built properties. Leveraging transparency between its administrative team and co-owners, Junic has the distinct advantage of knowing its buildings better than any other management agency. Take note that Construction Junic only manages its own real estate projects.

Junic Property Management Inc. is a member of the RGCQ (Regroupement des Gestionnaires et Copropriétaires du Québec). Throughout the years, Construction Junic has surrounded itself with seasoned collaborators, ensuring a level of professionalism and customer satisfaction. The sheer volume of our real estate portfolio translates into large-scale savings, which we pass along to our owners.

Leveraging efficiency, loyalty, transparency and diligence, Junic Property Management inc. ensures an exceptional level of quality, complete security, strategic budgeting and cost management that guarantees maximum return on your property.


Our Real Estate Management Services

  • Prepare the annual budget for auditing as well as a spreadsheet with all communal expenses;
  • Handle co-owner billing, and deposit rental proceeds into co-owner bank accounts;
  • Handle bookkeeping via a specialized co-ownership computer system, and produce a detailed monthly financial report verified by a chartered company accountant;
  • Prepare cheques for building expenses;
  • Maintain operations and contingency fund if required;
  • Assist external inspector in the execution of mandated inspections.

Complete Management and Administration

  • Prepare the annual general assembly of co-owners, which includes writing and sending the notice of assembly, preparing the agenda, participating in the assembly and taking the minutes;
  • Prepare administration meetings, which includes writing and sending the notice of assembly, agenda, meeting minutes, monthly financial report, bank balances, list of arrears, etc.;
  • Make recommendations to administrators;
  • Prepare annual licensing;
  • Prepare estimates, write service proposals and contracts pertaining to building maintenance, repairs and insurance;
  • Organize maintenance management system, provide administrators with a list of maintenance work and provide a checklist to evaluate the state of various building parts and components;
  • Maintain a 24-hr emergency telephone number.

Secretarial Duties

  • Maintain a digital filing system for all building documents, substantiating documents, minutes from administration meetings and general co-owner assemblies, correspondence, etc.;
  • Send notice of dues, changes to rules and regulations, assembly notices and all other necessary correspondence;
  • Maintain a directory of co-owners and tenants (when such information is available);
  • Keep plans and building deeds, if available.

Monitoring Contracts

  • Enforce adherence to building rules and regulations;
  • Coordinate claims in the event of disaster and compensation to claimants;
  • Ensure contribution payments from each co-owner and initiate any necessary legal proceedings;
  • Ensure respect of contracts between the building syndicate and third parties;
  • Conduct regular inspections of the premises.

Co-owner Relations

  • Provide all co-owners with pertinent information concerning building management;
  • Establish a system to manage resident complaints in the most quick and efficient way possible;
  • Request suggestions and ideas from co-owners in order to improve the quality of life within the building.

24-hr Emergency Service
Within the scope of its property management duties, Junic provides 24-hr emergency services, 7 days a week. For any emergency, call us at 819 213-5775.

Why choose Junic Property Management?

  • Fulltime manual laborers on Le Plateau;
  • Manager has online access to co-owner information;
  • Database for preventative maintenance;
  • Savings from our suppliers;
  • Quick and practical advice for less from our partners in law, taxation, finance, and engineering.



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