Junic: A simple and Smart Ownership Process

At Junic, we are well aware that a home is one of life’s biggest investments. It’s why we devote such special attention and provide total support for every stage of the purchase process. Our goal is to make each client experience easy and transparent, while providing highly personalized service.
Junic support service: a guarantee of quality and trust since 1984.

Personalized Pre-Purchase Service by Junic


Considering the purchase of a condo or townhome? The first step is to take the time to do the necessary research to find the project, land, home and neighbourhood that will meet your needs and expectations. Visit dedicated real estate websites and find information on residential developments and neighbourhoods that suit your lifestyle or your expectations as an investor. Lastly, get out there and visit all neighbourhoods of interest!

Do you think Le Plateau might be right for your family? Then get in touch with a Junic representative! Our team of qualified real estate experts is there to answer all your questions and guide you in the selection of a property that will meet your expectations, budget and lifestyle.

A team of professionals to guide you
on-site mortgage financing Junic’s team of real estate consultants specialized in the pre-purchase process provide:

    • Professional support from a mortgage broker available 7 days a week who will guide you through the financing and mortgage selection process. Loan applications are done on-site at our Presentation Centre.
    • Credit solutions for furniture purchases, landscaping, etc.
    • A personalized tour of the neighbourhood to discover Le Plateau, its infrastructure and services.
    • A guided tour of residential projects and Junic homes to help you make an informed decision.
    • All information related to the costs and various stages related to the purchase of a property.

Contact us to make an appointment with our specialists.


A Professional Purchase Process by Junic

Choosing a Junic property is not only choosing a home of unparalleled quality and construction, it also means benefiting from the advice of a competent and professional team throughout the purchase process. In fact, your real estate consultant will guide you through each step of the process, from the selection of your home or condo, to the choice of interior design and finishing materials. At Junic, we ensure that the purchase experience meets the same high standards as our homes!


The Junic satisfaction guarantee
Junic always strives to provide a complete satisfaction guarantee for each of its clients. Our unique customer service includes:

  • Total support to make you aware of every aspect of your contract, ensuring your complete satisfaction and keeping you apprised of every detail.
  • A welcome guide containing everything you need to know about your new home, land, neighbourhood and services.
  • A seasonal email that includes a checklist to help guide you through the regular maintenance of your property.
  • A customer service team available on-site at all times.


The Junic Post-Purchase Service

To ensure tailored support, Junic provides long-term post-purchase service, created to answer all your questions and ensure that your ownership experience is successful down the line. At Junic, personalized service is also about making sure the adaptation period to your new home and neighbourhood is as pleasant as possible. Welcome home from Junic!




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