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Junic: for a smart real estate investment

Would you like to invest in a profitable residential real estate project? By choosing one of our projects (lofts, condos or townhomes), you’re opting for a secure investment in a residential project located in the heart of Le Plateau, a coveted neighbourhood with an excellent occupancy rate. On top of benefitting from a superior return, investing in a Junic property also allows you to take advantage of exclusive mortgage rates and discounts when purchasing multiple properties.

Investing with Junic is a smart choice!

The benefits of investing with Junic


By choosing to invest in a Junic real estate property, you have the option to rent your property yourself or take advantage of our property management department.

Purchase a rented unit, new or recently built, leased or rented with the option to own, and enjoy the peace of mind of not having to rent your unit. Junic tenants are already pre-selected according to specific and rigorous criteria, and credit checks are already performed.

With their property management service, Junic takes charge of the management, maintenance, rent collection, emergency services, paperwork for the Régie du logement as well as any conflict resolution, should one arise.

Click here for more specific information about the Y Condos & Lofts project, including profitability studies.



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Y – Condos & Lofts
Fusion II – Townhomes
Le Central – Condominiums
Galerie 151 - Townhomes and semis

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