Junic: A Recognized Builder in the Outaouais Region

Real estate projects designed to meet the needs of families

Since its founding in 1984, Junic creates residential projects that meet the needs and aspirations of Quebec families by offering unique living environments. Construction Junic has built over 3,000 residential projects including single-family homes, townhomes, triplexes and condo-style units. The popularity of its projects and customer loyalty speak to the unparalleled quality of Junic constructions and the company’s unfailing reputation.

“When a client recommends our services to a member of their family or to a friend, that is certainly the greatest show of appreciation they could give our company,” proudly states Charles Tremblay, Construction Junic founder.

Junic, an excellent choice for an incomparable quality of life, without compromise!

  • Over 900 condos sold
  • Over 700 single-family homes built
  • Close to 300 townhomes built
  • Over 200 semi-detached homes built
  • Close to 300 triplexes built
  • As well as numerous commercial spaces developed

Since 2003 to this year, Construction Junic has consistently taken home the Builder of the Year award at the Gala Qualité Habitation, further proof of the company’s leadership and excellence.