Our Guarantees

Qualité Habitation Guarantee

logo-qualite-habitation All our in-progress constructions are accredited by the Qualité Habitation Guarantee of the ACQ. As such, each of our properties, from our townhomes to condominium constructions, respect the rules and regulations outlined in the new residential construction guarantee established by the Régie du bâtiment du Québec (RBQ).

Since 2000, Junic also holds the platinum emeritus accreditation certificate, a distinction given to companies with exceptional technical competence, financial management and post-sale service. This distinguishing accreditation is additional proof of Junic properties’ superior standards.

Residential Construction Guarantee

garantie-gcr On January 1, 2015, modifications to rules governing the new residential construction guarantee came into effect, which is now overseen by the Garantie de construction residentielle (GCR), a non-profit organization. Providing owners with unparalleled construction quality since its founding, Junic became one of the first builders to receive this accreditation.

As such, all new residential single-family, semi-detached and co-properties built by Junic since January 1, 2015 follow the new guarantee and are accredited by the GCR.

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